Hello Little Human...

and grown up ones too... 

Lets take you to meet Edie and The Visitors...


Meet The Visitors Bedtime Story Collection

Introducing Meet The Visitors Bedtime Story Collection. A series of six rhyming stories packed into one book for the little human in your life to enjoy at bedtime, or in fact at anytime of the day!

Meet six of Edie's Visitor friends including the wonderful Bobby Bumblebee and Sid Spider.

Explore how Edie is able to help them, and how they are able to help her. Friendship and kindness all the way in these beautifully illustrated stories.

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£12.95 Paperback
£18.50 Hardback

Lets Meet Edie ...

This is Edie. She is the main character in the stories.

Edie is four nearly five . She is mostly good at going to bed, and loves to find out what her creepy-crawly visitor friends are up to before she embarks upon sleepy-time each night.

She loves a hot chocolate with marshmallows and can tolerate the odd bit of ketchup with some of her meals (she has to be in the right mood for it though).

Favourite Ted is the best.

Lets introduce you to the rest of the Visitors ...

The Visitors are a collection of children's stories for you and your little human to enjoy before bed (or in fact any time of the day).

Come and join Edie and her creepy crawly friends, who might they be and what will they get up to?.... scroll down to learn abit more about them ...

Written by Lydia Addison and Illustrated by Alice Larrson

Bobby Bumblebee

Bobby is one of Edie's most favourite visitors. He is always in abit of a rush but never forgets his manners and will always apologise if he is running late (which is quite often)...

He is partial to the odd drop of sugar and water when he is feeling tired and needs abit of a boost before his next main meal.

Sid Spider

Sid is a house spider... a VERY shy house spider....

Being a worrier by nature, he tries to keep himself to himself, but has become good friends with Edie and enjoys visiting her for comforting chats. His favourite colour is blue, and he loves keeping warm in his jumper, hat and boots! 


Beatrice Butterfly

Beatrice is the fastest of the fast! A racing butterfly by day who uses her magic wing dust to fly fast through the trees and flowers.

Beatrice loves to visit Edie and talk about her races and competitions, and Edie cannot wait to go and watch her some day.

Lucy Ladybird

Lucy is a very shy little ladybird. She absolutely loves maths and is very particular to everything having its place. A problem solver and symmetry lover!

She is very good at tight-rope walking and her top skill is flying in a very straight line.

Derek Dragonfly

Derek is one super cool and composed little guy. He loves going out to dances and music concerts with his friends.

He is also a very kind fellow who likes to make sure his friends feel valued His favourite colour is blue and he would be lost without his sunglasses!

Graham Grasshopper

Graham Grasshopper is a music lover at heart. He can play lots of different instruments and he absolutely LOVES singing, dancing and performing.

Edie loves his visits as they get to dance around her bedroom making up silly moves!

Who will we meet next? ...

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